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Personal Finance 

What could be the best ways to generate returns on what you already have? How do you build personal wealth over the long term. We share ideas with you to make the best of your situation by using the power of compounding.


Business Planning

We help businesses with planning of their goals, KPIs and numbers. Our team builds business cases along with top of the line investor pitch decks.  


Wealth Optimization

We consider all your assets, income and liabilities if any to create strategies for maximising wealth generation considering your risk profile. We do not give tips but recommend some suggested paths for you to action on.

About Us

Started by a veteran investor, wealthspartanz aims to assist people create, grow and maintain their wealth. We aim to throw ideas worth pursuing. We also capture all kinds of great moves in wealth creation and bring about such information to your screen. 

Kindly Note: The blog is personal experiences shared here for readers. We are in no way suggesting you should follow everything we say. You can read the experiences and use them wherever you deem fit. We would not recommend you to follow our advice completely. We are also not certified by regulatory bodies of any country specifically.

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