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Investing and Trading in Stock Markets
around the world

20 years of investing experiences; captured in blogs

What is WealthSpartanz?

WealthSpartanz is a personal blog capturing the thoughts and following the investment decisions spanning experiences over 2 decades. The aim is to pass on knowledge gained on a day to day basis to readers across the world. While investing junctures may vary across different economies, chart patterns and dynamics of trading and investing are quite similar. We hope we add value.

Kindly Note: The blog is personal experiences shared here for readers. We are in no way suggesting you should follow everything we say. You can read the experiences and use them wherever you deem fit. We would not recommend you to follow our advice completely. We are also not certified by regulatory bodies of any country specifically.

Charts used:

Day Trade Diaries

Daily live trades captured in blogs. Starts with a pre-market showing the thought processes before market opens and then the trades. See the glories and mistakes and learn from them.

Note: These are very India specific


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WealthSpartanz Talks

Employees of organisations find it difficult to manage personal wealth & savings and end up making choices that hurt them. Our expert talks take care of building knowledge for people to manage their personal wealth.

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